What is the Purpose behind the Online Casino License?

Any reputable venue should possess an online casino license so that it can prove that it is fair, reputable and sound. These casinos are required to become licensed in the areas in which their base operations are conducted, so this means that most online venues are licensed in small island territories which include Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Isle of Man and even Kahnawake, a reservation in Canada. Although these locations may seem small and therefore a bit 'shady', players can rest assured that the gaming commission in each location is well-equipped to ensure that online casinos operate fairly with a gambling license.

Different Jurisdictions and Different Levels of Security

Each of the jurisdictions that provides an online casino license does so with a varying degree of strictness. The strictest of the gaming commissions are in Alderney, Australia, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta; this simply means that these locations have set forth plenty of regulations dictating the guidelines required for online casinos to maintain their licensure. Other commissions, including those in Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica, Curacao, Philippines and Kahanawake are not quite as strict, but there are still guidelines to which licensed casinos must adhere.

Determining Casino Legitimacy

It is also important to consider that determining whether or not a casino is legitimate could take some time. Just because the casino bears an eCOGRA seal or a gambling license from one of the aforementioned regulatory bodies does not mean that the casino is actually reputable. In fact, though it is illegal, there are plenty of casinos who have been 'blacklisted' for simply copying a logo onto their websites. The best way to determine whether or not a casino is actually legitimate is to visit the actual website of eCOGRA or the regulatory body and review the list of approved casinos. In this manner, it is easier--and more accurate--to find out whether or not a casino is worth a player's time.

Forums and Reviews

Whether or not a casino has a gambling license isn't the only thing that should determine the venue's reputation; it is also up to the player to find unbiased third-party reviews or forums that can provide more valuable information. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any casino about which most of the consumer comments are reports are negative and stick to the ones that receive generally good reports. Another thing to stay away from is a casino that offers a bonus structure that seems too good to be true; often times, it is.

Read the 'About Us' Page

Finally, after determining that the casino is in fact legitimate and reading reviews, players can also check out the venue's 'About Us' page. Here, what the player is looking for is transparency--or the amount of information it is willing to disclose. Information regarding the place from which the license was obtained, the overall payout percentage, what consumers think and even how long the venue has been in business (or even if it has been blacklisted in the past) should all be evident. This will help consumers make the best decisions possible when it comes to their venue choices.