Different Types of Free Online Casino Bonus Money

People who gamble on the regular know that there's nothing quite like free online casino bonus money. Whether it comes in the form of cash-back rewards, deposit matches, or even as part of being a VIP member, being given cash to spend in any way you see fit is always a welcome blessing.

Why Venues Offer the Cash

Conversely, if you're new to internet gambling, you might be wondering how or even why these establishments choose to give away what seems like hundreds of thousands of dollars. How do they even stay in business? Consider this: in Canada, many of the major gambling hubs don't take to the media to advertise. This is incredibly expensive and while it does reach a huge group of people, venue owners have discovered that it truly isn't necessary. People who want to gamble know how to find new establishments, and they often do so via the World Wide Web. However, the industry is a crowded one and there are literally dozens upon dozens of establishments. In order to remain competitive in relevant within such a market, these casinos offer bonuses that are designed to entice new players to make deposits.

Different Types of Offers

There isn't one universal type of free online casino bonus money. In fact, different people tend to like different things, so many venues will offer up two or even three deals from which their users can select. The most rewards typically go to those who are new to a website in order to entice them to make an initial deposit. These often come in the form of deposit matches in which a new player, for example, deposits $200 and is rewarded with a 200% match. Thus, his or her initial $200 is matched with $400 for a total of $600. Another prime example is the no-deposit bonuses in which individuals receive a much smaller amount of cash, though a deposit isn't necessary. Many people prefer these because it gives them the opportunity to try things out without any long-term commitment.

VIP and Loyalty Rewards

Finally, individuals may also be able to earn free online casino bonus money over time by becoming a member of a VIP club. In many cases, players are moved up through tiers based upon the monetary value of the deposits they have made over time or the average amount of these deposits over a period of a few months. Then, they receive larger weekly or monthly promotions, cash back rewards, or other gifts designed just for them. Even non-VIPs can enjoy some rewards as most establishments make promotions available in newsletters, around holidays, and at random times throughout the year as a way to say "Thank You" to their valued clientele.

Of course, no matter which of these options individuals consider, it is important to bear in mind that wagering requirements will apply. It is necessary to read the terms and conditions associated with each and every offer in order to know what to expect.